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Specific character of our products makes us base our activities on precision workmanship and reliability. That is why we guarantee to take care of every single detail.


  • thermal safety devices for transformers and motors (temperature control relay),
  • large format text's displays,
  • special welders (for example: supplied from tram tractions),
  • thyristor and transistor (IGBT) converters,
  • electric furnaces and dryers with control,
  • induction furnaces,
  • microprocessor controllers,
  • frequency converters powering concrete vibrators intended to consolidate the concrete.


  • prefabrication of control cabinets,
  • switchgears,
  • thyristor couplers,
  • advertising panels,
  • propel systems.


  • construction steel and stainless steel, aluminum,
  • untypical gears,
  • elements of machines,
  • conveyors (roller, chain etc.),
  • grippers for robots,
  • cogged rail;
  • aluminium constructions .