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Broadening the range of our business activity we enrich our offer with services such as renovation, reparation and production of unitary systems.


  • transformer stations,
  • transformers and motors,
  • welders,
  • propel systems,
  • machine control systems,
  • electric furnaces and industrial dryers,
  • conveyors,
  • induction furnaces,
  • industrial electronics (converters, controllers etc)

Zlecenia specjalneSPECIAL ORDERS:

  • industrial automation,
  • prefabrication of control cabinets,
  • machine control,
  • air-condition control,
  • converters,
  • untypical propels,
  • microprocessor devices,
  • automation on the basis of PLC controllers,
  • programming PLC, HMI, SCADA,
  • CNC machining,
  • plasma cutting.